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Step 1- Fill Out Screening Form

Instructions for Screening Form

It is important that when filling  this out under “Ministry Info” select Volunteer.

Next, Location is St. Ann Parish, Position – volunteer, Title – Youth Ministry Volunteer.  By doing this, the church safety officer will know that you are volunteering for HSM.

When listing your references, be sure you list people you have known for 3 or more years and not a former employer or spouse. (We need their PHONE NUMBERS for all three references over other forms of contact)

Click for form

Step 2- Watch Safe Environment Video

Now that you have completed your screening form,  the next step is to watch your safe environment video.

The video is you need to watch is called: “Recognizing, responding, and reporting”

If you are trouble finding the video link. Please log back into the safe environment system with your name and address. Scroll to the bottom click on update and continue and then will bring you to the video list.

Step 3- Contact Us

Once you have completed all the steps please email me at Traci Hall that you have completed all the steps. We will then contact you for an interview that usually takes 20-30 minutes.


If you are having difficulty with any of these steps, please Email Traci Hall and include your name and phone number.

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