Brings people to Jesus, forms disciples, and sends them to transform the world.

 We played a FAVORITE game tonight — Priests of the Parish! As you can tell by video and pictures, it was very intense and competitive! Afterwards, Dave and Lauren Moore led us in a few songs of worship. We wish you could all hear the power in the voices of all these missionaries singing together! 

Phil talked tonight about community and accountability. Community takes time to develop, and it requires commitment. Sometimes the commitment is time, sometimes it is rules or expectations. He encouraged the teens that they are not too young to commit to community or to one another. Accountability means accepting correction and encouragement from someone close to us. Community and accountability can help us grow into more mature disciples. We need community in order to live the Christian life. We reflected on Acts 2:42-47 as Phil’s talk came to a close. 

For our closing prayer, each group took turns hammering their nails into a cross in the grotto here at St. Patrick. We spent a good deal of time in praise and worship together before wrapping up the night. 

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