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We worked hard today to try to get projects towards being finished before the end of the week.  We had more cloud cover today, which was great!  Teens definitely knew what they were doing when they arrived onsite today, and they hit the ground running.  

Tonight, we played a lot of crazy, rowdy, and hilarious games for a giant small group competition (Valerie's group at Amber House won and got to go to breakfast first on Friday).  There are more pictures of the craziness here if you want to try to spot your teen! 

New St. Ann youth minister Phil Ward shared with us about Radical Prayer — and he especially encouraged us to consider how important it is to set aside time to build our relationship with God.  Check out his talk here

After small groups, we moved over to the church for praise and worship with Dave and Lauren, and then we invited teens to ask for prayer from pairs of Core Team members, HSM staff, and clergy.  So many teens were willing to let us pray with them that we extended our time in the church for those who wanted to stay behind while everyone else went to get ready for bed.  It was a powerful and moving night, and such a gift to be able to pray with and for your teens! 

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