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 This morning, we headed out to the worksites early in order to beat the heat. Teens and adults all worked really hard on their sites today, as you can see in all the worksite pictures! We are making great progress on all of our projects, and things are running smoothly. We are so thankful for our construction dads and support moms who help make everything happen during this trip! 

When we returned from working today, we celebrated Mass together. We had a great dinner, and you can really tell that our sense of community is growing! Our game tonight was a team game in small groups — teens took turns trying to slide an Oreo down their face and to flip a water bottle. The final challenge was to pass a banana with their feet to their core team member, who had to eat the banana. It was hilarious and so fun! 

Bradford, one of our summer interns, talked about suffering tonight. He shared three ways to deal with suffering: 1) pray intentionally, 2) share your suffering with others, and 3) trust in God. He reminded us of the scripture story where Jesus was sleeping on the boat in a storm. Sometimes we must remember to call out to the Lord in our fear and suffering, asking for His help. 

We closed in a time of adoration, where Joey asked us to partner up with someone from our small group and pray intentionally for them and whatever their suffering may be. Without even sharing intentions, we lifted one another up in prayer. Now, we are off to bed to prepare for another busy work day! 

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