tuesday NIGHT SESSION: radical simplicity

Thank God for clouds and breezes!  Down here in the desert, there's not much that can cut the scorching sun, but God provided some shade at the peak of the afternoon today.  Tuesday is always a hard day — but we gave it our all.  Check out the pictures from the worksites to see how hard our teens are working!

To kick off our session tonight, we played a game called Finish the Lyrics.  There was lots of singing and dancing from the crowd as participants tried to remember what came next in the song!  Dave and Lauren led us in some praise and worship, which was especially moving because our teens were so ready and open to join them in prayer.  Here's a link to our live video from last night if you'd like to watch!

Erin gave us a great talk about simplicity and how God is pretty simple and single-minded when it comes to his demeanor toward us: He loves us.  That's all!  It's not complicated.  Teens broke into small groups for discussion and then were given a small stone as they walked to the church in silence.  The rocks had words written on them, which was the focus of our prayer tonight: what could God want to speak to us in the stillness and silence, and are we ready to listen? 

If you haven't heard our new Youth Minister speak yet, here is a link to Erin's live video.  These are the questions that we brought to small groups, but we could all reflect on them! 

  • Do you see God as complex or simple?  Was this different when you were a child compared to now?
  • When is it easy to see God in your life?  When is it more difficult? 
  • What does it mean to you to have a childlike faith? 
  • Has there been a moment this week when you have experienced God's love in a small or simple way?

Lastly, here's some pictures from tonight's session — more at the dropbox folder