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tuesday NIGHT SESSION: a new pentecost

Tonight's game was called "Name that Jingle" — a game a few of us came up with one afternoon while we were at Milkshake Monday at Chick-fil-A (Mondays at 3 pm during the summer at the Round Grove location)!! We played a short clip or variation of a commercial jingle, and the small groups had to write down their answer in the time given. So fun!

Father Edwin spoke about the Holy Spirit: the power of the Spirit is promised to us by our Lord. St. Peter models for us the movement from cowardice to courage, from following Jesus in the way that we are comfortable, to following Jesus how he wants to be followed — completely.  The Spirit moves us from feeling to action.  Journey with St. Peter as he answers these questions in boldness and courage:

  • Why is the Spirit important?
  • How do I begin, and what am I promised in the Spirit?
  • What does a life in the Spirit look like?

For our night prayer after small groups (we had to DRAG them away from small groups — they're enjoying discussion time so much!), we gathered in the church for a short time of adoration, led by Fr. Martin. Everyone was invited to write down a Scripture verse on a piece of paper and leave it on the steps of the sanctuary — and then pick up a slip of paper that someone else left behind. The idea is that we were completely trusting the Holy Spirit to put a verse into our hands that He wanted us to hear tonight. 

Come, Holy Spirit!

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