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Hard work, lunch time fiestas, and busy wrap up and pack up was our agenda for Thursday.  It was so awesome to have an opportunity to celebrate with the families and communities we have been serving.  Our Support Moms coordinated all the fiesta materials — including piñatas for each worksite! 

SO much has happened at these worksites over the past several days: relationships built, families loved, teens changed, problems fixed, homes beautified, and all of it under God's constant protection and providence.  The "finished product" pictures are still pouring in, so stay tuned for more before and after images to come. 

Small groups rolled back into our headquarters at St. Patrick later than usual because of the final push to finish things and pack supplies.  After showers and dinner, we gathered in the church for an Exalt night of praise and worship and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  We were thrilled to have so many guests join us from all over the Diocese of Laredo for this night of worship!  

Dave and Lauren led us in worship and sang some of our favorite songs.  Fr. Edwin shared with us about his love for three-toed sloths and described how a man waited eight hours by a tree last week to make sure Fr. Edwin got to SEE one in person!  That man was committed to making sure he could delight and please their guest while he visited — and waited all day to make sure it happened.  Fr. Edwin went on to help the teens to see that God the Father is always waiting to surprise and delight us... just as he does in the Blessed Sacrament before us as we adore HIm.  You can watch (and skip around) the ENTIRE night from our Facebook Live video here

Here's a link to more pictures from the evening of worship and adoration, especially of the gorgeous interior of St. Patrick's church! 

Afterwards, we invited all our guests to join us for a fiesta to continue the celebration of all that God has done this week through our work and in our hearts.  Our friends at St. Patrick had authentic local candy and homemade snacks for us, and Erin and Phil rocked out a playlist that kept everybody dancing until it was time for bed (though nobody wanted to go to bed at all!) More pictures and a great video are in the Dropbox!

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