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Sunday might be our favorite day on mission. Why? We spend the entire day all together — praying, celebrating, resting, and building community! This morning, we attended Mass in four different places: Santa Monica in El Cenizo, San Carlos Mission in east Laredo, San Francisco Javier in southwest Laredo, and St. Patrick (the parish where we are staying). Some of us went to Mass in Spanish because of the customs of that neighborhood! Here are some pictures from Mass this morning:

After lunch, we had a dodgeball tournament on the basketball court here at the parish. It was a lot of fun, but we were definitely HOT! We also played inside - cards, rosary making, friendship bracelets, all kinds of things. Teens took showers, some people took naps, and we really enjoyed spending time together without cell phones. Right now, we are watching a movie and will get ready for bed early before we start back to work tomorrow! Scroll down for the link to more photos!

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