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Freshmen SMall Group SIGNUPS HAVE BEGUN!

Our full year of ministry will begin on Sunday, August 26th at the 4:30 pm Mass celebrating our 21st year of ministry. Once you have formally registered your teen for the coming year of ministry, the next step is signing up for a Small Group! While we pride ourselves in providing quality programming for our youth, our main focus is not on programs... our focus relationships with young people. Small groups are the most important aspect of your young person having a great experience with HSM in the coming year. 

Only FRESHMEN need to register for a small group for the coming year. If you are a returning member once you register you will be placed in the same small group as last year or can contact us at the HSM office at to request a new group! If you are new to High School Ministry and are in 10th-12th grades please email us at so we can place you in a group!

The small group selection process is in the hands of the youth and family so everyone is empowered to find a group that they will look forward to being a part of each week. Youth can sign-up for a group based on:

  • Friends - Many youth have a set group of friends they want to be in a group with
  • School - Youth can look around the groups and find youth from their same school, while others might like to meet youth from different schools


The process is simple:

Step 1: Make sure you are registered! CLICK HERE TO REGISTERED FOR THE COMING YEAR. 

Step 2: Once you are registered CLICK HERE to register for a small group. Tell your friends or people that you would like to be in a small group with to go sign-up for the same group!

Please keep our ministry in your prayers, that we might prepare this ministry to be an instrument of God's love and mercy to young people in the coming year! Sincerely in Christ,

St Ann HSM Staff

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