Tonight’s game was Angry Penguins, where teens tied balloons to their ankles and then tried to stomp each other’s balloons. It was LOUD, crazy, and a lot of fun! 

Herman, our coordinator of bilingual ministry, gave the talk tonight. Herman talked about his first encounter of authentic prayer: his mother. He also talked about his experiences in encountering Jesus. He shared, “As Catholics, we believe that God is the one who begins prayer… He’s always the one who initiates.” Why must we pray? Prayer humbles the human heart. It allows us to understand who we are and who God is. Prayer transforms the human heart. 

He challenged teens to “be the church” — the theme for this week — and he talked about the importance of going to confession. If we want a relationship with God, we should aim to be in a state of grace — to be without mortal sin. The best news is that God desires to bestow His love and mercy on us! 

To conclude our evening, we gathered in St. Patrick’s church to celebrate Mass. Father Kevin talked a little more about God’s mercy and love for us and encouraged teens to go to Confession this week. We are so blessed to have him with us this week! 

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