saturDAY NIGHT SESSION: radical trust

One of the great results of Saturday's work day was that everyone got to know each other better on their worksites between all the teamwork and encouragement!  

We kicked off the night with a hilarious game where teens had to quickly get into crazy positions to avoid being eliminated. {The boys won!}  Joey opened the talk session with some powerful words, and then intern Ali Martinez shared about what it means to trust radically.  We passed out journals to the teens before her talk, so many of them had the opportunity to reflect in writing as she spoke.  Ali encouraged us to have RADICAL TRUST in God because He has proven Himself to be trustworthy — and while we might desire to see the entire staircase at once, He will be faithful to show us the way to heaven one step at a time. 

After small group connection and discussion time, we gathered in the church for a prayer service where teens were encouraged to pray about something they are holding onto that they might need to surrender to the Father and trust in Him more.  They came forward to write a word or phrase in sand and then wipe it away as a sign of letting go of that thing.  Each teen who participated then received a candle to represent the light of Christ that fills our darkness.  Not only was it a powerful time of prayer and worship, it was a great opportunity to find freedom to live fully and trust in God radically this week on mission!

Click here for the photo album for Saturday free time, Ali's talk, and our prayer service.  Visit Facebook for recordings of our live streaming from Saturday night: our game of Baby, Backpack, Bunkbed and the Radical Trust session talk