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saturDAY NIGHT SESSION: trust - walk on water

Saturday was a great introductions to our worksites and our families! It's always a slow start as we try to finalize what materials are needed, which projects we are going to complete, and getting everything organized. Most of the groups spent time getting to know the people we're serving, being briefed and trained by their Construction Dad, and doing prep work for various projects. 

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We started our Saturday night session with a game called Coke or Candle — a quick up-front competition to chug a Coke and simultaneously keep a candle lit while the opposition continually extinguished the candle. It was a great laugh and rally of cheers, which was great evidence of the community that has already been built among the missionaries!

Luke talked about the Gospel passage of Saint Peter walking on the water to Jesus and gave practical examples of how we can learn from Saint Peter's experience. He explained that we need to step out of the boat towards Jesus in our acts of charity, our friendships, and our relationship with Jesus. He went on to challenge the teens to keep their eyes on Jesus when the winds and waves of life are a distraction, and encouraged anyone who feels like they are sinking into a life of sin to cry out to Jesus and trust that He will answer them. 

We broke out into small groups to discuss the topic of trust and the challenges and encouragements Luke gave. After some good conversation, we gathered in the church to pray together the Liturgy of the Hours and spend time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We are so thankful to have Father Edwin here to lead us and celebrate the Sacraments with us! (Click here to watch the recording of the live video.)

After night prayer, we did something CRAZY: we left the church in silence... and remained in silence until Sunday morning at breakfast. Joey encouraged us to think about how Sunday is a day of celebration, so we can wait until then to resume talking. Father Edwin shared how we become more able to hear God's voice in our hearts when we choose to enter into times of silence and reflection. It was a very quiet and reflective night as we all went to bed in silence! 

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