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We hit the ground running today at our worksites!  Lots of progress can be seen in the Monday Photos folders on each group's site.  It was (only) 100 degrees down here, but we were feeling the heat!  Fr. Kevin and Fr. Edwin were at different sites today hearing confessions for anyone who wanted to celebrate the sacrament, and we had a great Mexican dinner when we got back and cleaned up.

Erin, Phil, Fr. Kevin, and Fr. Edwin were the judges for a game called "Dutch Auction," where groups had to send a member to the front to try to win their votes for points.  After the game, musicians Dave and Lauren Moore led us in worship to kick off the evening. 

Tonight's evening session was about humility.  SAY intern Kristen Diguette shared with us some ideas of how humility can lead to healing and unity in our world, and then she offered some concrete examples of ways we can practice and grow in humility this week: taking the time to find out how someone is doing and really listening to their answer, asking for help when we don't know how to do something, and challenging our ideas of prayer and if we are truly humbling ourselves before God. 

Our prayer service tonight was an experience of humbling ourselves to receive love from others: our Core Team Members washed the feet of the teens in their small group.  Our hope, in serving them as they serve others, is to share and model the joy of the 'radical' Christian life of humility and love. 

Click here for more pictures from our fun tonight!

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