Our evening session tonight was exciting and powerful! Session started with a great game called Monkey in a Tree, which required partners to find each other in the chaos of the room and get in a specific pose as it was called out from up front. As you can see from photos, it led to some craziness! The game ended as the fire alarm started sounding - we set it off with the fog machines! 

We are so excited to welcome back Lauren and Dave Moore to lead worship for us during the rest of the week! They led us in several songs of prayer and praise before tonight’s talk. Katie, one of our interns, talked about being the church of courage and boldness. She started out with the example of St. Joan of Arc, who was called to fight in war to defend the faith. As a kid, she was less than inspired by her extreme example of courage. But as a college student, she took on the challenge of running a half marathon. By saying yes to her goal every day, she was able to finish and celebrate all of her hard work. Similarly, St. Joan of Arc woke up every day and said yes to her life of faith. 

So what can we do to grow in boldness? 1) Invoke the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Fortitude, 2) notice opportunities for boldness and courage through the needs around you, and 3) know that you are not going out in boldness alone. There is no such thing as a comfortable opportunity for courage and boldness, so step out of your comfort zone to do what you are called to do! 

After discussing Katie’s talk and the day in small groups, we gathered for prayer. In small group circles, we stepped forward for prayer from our teammates. It was a very prayerful and powerful experience, and a great way to close our day!