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monday NIGHT SESSION: service

Monday is always a blur of activity and enthusiasm!  Our worksites were busy, and missionaries and construction dads got things underway with gusto.  The temperature made it to 100 today, so we were feeling the heat — but found plenty of time for laughs and conversations while taking breaks and drinking lots of water.  We're anxious to keep things rolling and see some real progress in the next couple of days. 

We played an uproarious game of "Priests of the Parish" tonight - you'll have to ask your teen about the game... it's a LOT of nonsense and fun, and Joey is the BEST at leading it! 

Phil gave a talk about service inspired by Peter's experience of the Lord washing his feet. He explained to the teens that in the washing of the feet, Jesus tied LEADERSHIP and SERVICE together as two things that go hand in hand. For us as followers, leadership is not about power or control, but about being willing to put ourselves aside to do what is good for another person. When he started explaining quotes from two encyclicals, Deus Caritas Est and Dives in Misericordia, he used emojis to help us visualize what Pope Benedict XVI and Saint Pope John Paul II were saying about service being a mutual gift where mercy and acts of service are exchanged. There is an explanation of the connection between carrying our crucifixes on our worksites and this gift of love, and the tangible reminder it is for us that Jesus is present in our work. He dives into sharing a personal understanding and experience of God's profound invitation to work alongside Him in love and service through Phil's relationship with his wife, Lindsey, who is serving as a Core Leader (Phil and Lindsey celebrate their one month anniversary this Sunday, the 16th!) It was a moving and memorable testimony that the teens are sure to remember. (Father Edwin is asking for extra prayers for vocations to the priesthood in Dallas after his witness that inspired the teens to see so much beauty and healing in the gift of marriage. -haha-)

We broke into small groups to talk more about service and what it means — hopefully beyond our elementary understanding of Jesus and the Washing of the Feet. To close out our night, we prayed in our small groups: one at a time, each person stepped into the middle of the group, and everyone laid hands on their shoulders and prayed silently for them, their struggles, and their intentions. We are learning to believe in the power of prayer!

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