The Impact of HSM (Andrés)

Being apart of St Ann's HSM has changed my life. I used to have no religious life at all. I thought that learning about God was just cliché and boring and all came to the same conclusion: that God loves each and everyone of us. But after Laredo in 2016, my life changed. No longer did I just want to walk "through the motions" but wanted to know each and every little thing about God and the Catholic Church. And HSM has allowed me to do that. From retreats to talks to guest speakers to mission trips to a entire mass dedicated to the NOW of the church, Joey and company have allowed me to reach a new level of faith that I would have never imagined. I still wonder sometimes when I have time to myself, "How in the world did I get myself to this spot?" I mean, I really didn't have a consistent religious life a few years ago (the only thing I would do is go to mass). But now, with HSM's help, I now enjoy the little things that God does, as well as Churches traditions and customs, such as adoration. HSM has been such a life changing experience, and the knowledge and love I have received here, I will remember forever.


Andrés Morales