Part of a Miracle (Abby)

Hi! I'm Abby King, and this is my second year in Laredo — and my second year working in the San Francisco Javier neighborhood of south Laredo.

(I need to start this off with saying that those ladies slaving away in the kitchen to serve us three meals a day deserve a medal for managing to satisfy the stomachs of hungry teenagers. Also, Mom, I expect empanadas and tostadas every single day for the rest of my life — please and thank you.)

I am serving the Blanca family, who resides on the "House on a Hill." Our job is to build a ramp out of wood so that the mother of the family can exit the house more efficiently with her walker. I had the privilege to talk to Nora Blanca and her mother today about their family and their history in Laredo. God willing, Mrs. Blanca will be turning 93 in September — which in my opinion, if you've been praying the rosary for that long you should get a one way ticket to heaven! Being in Laredo really puts a lot of things into perspective. I have been worrying and anxious about my future due to senior year coming up in the fall, but I haven't thought about how lucky I am to be serving people who are so grateful for all the little blessings that happen day to day. The House on the Hill is very small, the floor is cracked and in great need of repair, there are no doors from room to room, and the size of the one bed in the house is the size of the cots we sleep in and complain about while we stay at St. Patrick's.

That is their reality.

And still, they love.

They bring us watermelon and popsicles. They smile at us and greet us every single morning. They offer assistance and open up their home to us. They never waver in their hope of assistance. Nora told me that she had been praying for someone to come and help them with her mother — that she had been hoping for a miracle.

I don't think I've ever felt more important than to be considered part of their miracle.

Although the space we work in is compact and restricts us from all working at the same time, I find that praying for our family, getting to know my small group more and more each day, and showing the grace of God to this family is what Mission Laredo is truly about.

Please continue to pray for us as we continually are praying not only for our family here in Laredo, but for our friends and family back home.