Brings people to Jesus, forms disciples, and sends them to transform the world.

 Tonight was a great start to our mission trip! We started off with a fun game of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Cup. The match came down to Michael and Julianna, and the girls won it! Kylie, one of our summer interns, shared about having a missional spirit and what it means for us both this week and as we return home. We are already thinking about how to love others, invest in one another, and serve intentionally. She challenged them to get to know their worksite family’s name, get to know their small group members, and get to know one new person on this trip. Joey led us in a silent reflection over Acts 1:6-9, which Kylie discussed in her talk. He closed by talking about the twelve apostles and their intimate relationship with Jesus. This can be encouragement to us this week as we face hardships and challenges on mission. “You guys can do great things.”

Big announcements! We let teens know what groups they will be in for the week. This is one of THE MOST exciting moments of the trip! After some time in small groups, we took group pictures and then gathered for our closing prayer. Joey talked about carrying our crosses, and the teens were invited to take a small nail to carry to remind them of the cross that they carry this week. “We ask, Lord, that you inspire us to carry our cross this week.” 

After announcements, Joey told groups about their worksites and locations. They were really excited to find out where they would be working and who their construction dads are! Now we are off to bed for an early morning tomorrow.

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