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FRIDAY NIGHT SESSION: who do you say that i am?

After a long but safe and uneventful bus ride, we were anxious to get off the bus and into our "home away from home" at St. Patrick's. We were greeted by familiar faces and were served "Mexican hot dogs" (hot dogs cooked with bacon around them) for dinner. In what has become somewhat of a Mission Laredo tradition, we played a few rounds of Pull Up to stretch our legs and run off some energy! 

To kick off the week, Leah dove right into our theme: the life of St. Peter.  She discussed her own experience with this radical Saint and her own experience as a teen in High School Ministry.  The talk was entitled, "Who Do You Say That I Am?" and was focused on the interaction between Peter and Jesus from Scripture (Matthew 16).  She emphasized the need to differentiate between knowing things ABOUT Jesus and actually knowing Him.  The teens were challenged to answer the question for themselves: "Who do you say that I am?" 

After small groups, we closed with assigning the missionaries a crazy week-long prayer experience: to carry a cross at all times. Kassidy shares a great reflection about this activity on our blog. 

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